25-26 November 2022 @ LSOA Buridda

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Useful info

How to Participate

If you want to participate with an art project or a distro this is our call.

You can contact us by writing to this email address.

LSOA Buridda

LSOA is an acronym that in Italian stands for squatted and self-managed social laboratory.

The LSOA Buridda social center is a horizontal space, traversed and realised by people of all ages, cohesive in their intention to provide the community with a free space in order to promote alternative information, share projects, knowledge and culture at all levels.

How to get there

The space is located in Genova in Corso Monte Grappa 39 (N 44.41166 E 8.94957).

On Foot

From Brignole train station and then follow these directions.

If you want to take a walk, take a walk to the old port, go up through the caruggi to Piazza De Ferrari, and then go to the LSOA Buridda by initially going up via Assarotti, and then down via Montegrappa. Somewhere you will find focaccia.

By Bus

By Car

Inside the Buridda you cannot park. In Genova free parking spaces are marked with white stripes.

From airport


The cuisine will be vegan and the prices popular, if you have any special needs (allergies or otherwise) let us know.

Photos and Videos

We believe that each participant should be guaranteed the freedom to choose independently the extent of their private sphere and public profiles, which is why during the event photos or videos are allowed ONLY IF CLEARLY NOTIFIED AND PREVIOUSLY AUTHORISED by all and sundry.


Given the type of evening (loud and noisy music, flashing lights and general confusion) on Saturday night WE WILL NOT ALLOW DOGS IN, we also ask that you DO NOT LET THEM OUT.


Email breakthematrix@buridda.org