25-26 November 2022 @ LSOA Buridda

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ATTENTION: The programme may be subject to change.

Fryday 25

18:00 Inauguration

19:00 Vegan aperitif

20:00 DJ Set House/Techno/Break and Juggling

23:00 Closing

Saturday 26 Afternoon

15:00 Opening Exhibitions

16:00 Linocut Workshop with Ronac

17:00 Macramè Worshop (Duration 1:30h)

18:00 Painting through sensory deprivation

19:00 Visual Performance - Castell Lanko

Saturday 26 Night

For the type of evening (loud and noisy music, flashing lights and general confusion) LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME!!

21:00 Industrial Devolution - CCC CNC NCN (Performance Industrial)

22:30 Live Noise - Orqan

23:00 Audio Visual Performance - Venta Protesix e Castell Lanko

23:30 DJ Set Digital Grindcore - Castell Lanko

00:00 DJ Set Breakcore - DJ Balli

01:00 Live Breakcore - Domestic Arapaima

02:00 Live Glitched Tekno Breakz - Kron

03:00 Live Tekno - TSNO

04:00 Closing


Castell Lanko   CCC CNC NCN   DJ Balli   Domestic Arapaima   Kron   Orqan   P.I.G. Lab   Ronac   TSNO   Venta Protesix  

Castell Lanko

Cairo-based multidisciplinary new media audio-visual artist and illustrator whose work explores identity and examines how virtual and artificial environments, computational infrastructure, and massively distributed networks can challenge the boundaries of our senses.

She uses the digital space to develop expansive worlds that fiddles with the dynamic between her and her audience by creating storytelling atmosphere with objectified emotions that balances on the edge of warm-hearted intimacy and sentimental absence.

More about on www.castellanko.com


The situations created by CCC CNC NCN are characterised by music, images and movements in the midst of the audience, the involvement of the audience is fundamental in the attempt to break down the barriers between performers and spectators, all becoming direct creators of what happens, or does not happen. of what happens, or does not happen.

The group's appearances of clear and explicit libertarian origins have always been linked to the world of self-production and non-profit making and have always been characterised by themes related to the historical moment experienced.

More about on ccccncncn.cc

DJ Balli

Modern, liberated, contemporary, of a broad spectrum, artistic, intellectual, post-organic, vegetative, stress-relieving, experimental, extraordinary.

All these adjectives are often applied to electronic music, with DJ Balli (Sonic Belligeranza Records) things are different.

More about on sonicbelligeranza.com

Domestic Arapaima

An adult specimen of Domestic Arapaima may exceed 200 bpm. He spends his life swimming among different musical currents with temperatures and sound pressures that are incredibly different from one another.

During the digital monsoon season, the Domestic Arapaima emits a cry that sounds violent and harmonious, halting and rhythmic, fluid and random.

Domestic Arapaima's sound blends hardcore and folk, ballroom dancing and heavy metal, EDM and prog, opera and jungle, all connected by a massive use of the Amen Break.

Listen to 'La Cuadra', the first collection of tracks by Domestic Arapaima on sonic-belligeranza.bandcamp.com


Kron is a project born from a passion for DIY, music and technology.

His works are the direct result of this passion that sprawls from from programming digital synthesisers, to energetic and entertaining DJ sets, and more recently to live performance.

His live show represents the union of agressive sounds and rhythms directly inspired by the Tekno Tribe of the early days, and digital destruction, sometimes coming close to - and even surpassing - the minimum unit of a single bit.


Orqan is an abstract music project from western Liguria formed in 2016, with sounds ranging from noise, techno, drone and dark ambient.

Each live and studio performance is often (but not always) linked to partial or total improvisation techniques and unique in the instrumentation used: electric and acoustic instruments, microphones, drum machines and samples are filtered and processed in a constant, ever-changing flow of sound.

Their live appearances are rare.

Listen on orqan.bandcamp.com

P.I.G. Lab

The P.I.G. laboratory is an art printing, painting, sculpture and screen printing workshop.

It was born from the union of young people, students and non-students, with the common need to have a space in which to develop their artistic projects and express themselves freely.


He has been painting and writing for many years. Over time, he has moved from painting to analogue photography to a series of other experiments with any material he could find.

In the latest he likes to work with linoleum for the 'raw' effect that the ink leaves, a trace that is always different and unique with each print.

The linocut workshop is an opportunity to experiment with one's manual dexterity and at the same time to stop (the moment of engraving is long, and repetitive in its gestures) and leave room for images, for ideas to flow.

Pictured is one of his latest linocuts.


Project in and around Bologna, taking shape from the occupation in May 2022 of via Zago. SpazioFrequenze Tekno music production, collective and aggregative musical activity made with machines for people, to create areas of free participatory experience.

An audio-interactive-critical-amplified family against the compulsory nature of any treatment, starting with music within the established and regulated spheres of the entertainment industry, against which the ironic alternative Sound Treatment, Free and Not Compulsory (Trattamento Sonoro, gratuito e Non Obbligatoro) was elaborated.

More about on mastodon.cisti.org/@tsno

Venta Protesix

Meaning absolutely nothing, the name Venta Protesix gathers the sprawling work of an Italian composer that is hard to label as a precise musical genre.

By overdriving perversity and morbidity into recursive fractalizations of digital noise, Venta Protesix is as unpalatable to serious computer music listeners as he is too abstract and alienating for pedal-bashing harsh noise audiences.

The final result takes the shape of a loud and annoying band trapped in a laptop along with a 56k modem that survived the 90s which is able to create physical discomfort to his listeners.

Ascolta su ventaprotesix.bandcamp.com